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Glendower Hotel - Case Study Lugo

Case Study: Glendower Hotel

The Hotel

The Glendower Hotel is situated on the coast of Lytham St Annes in the North West of the country. Looking out to the Irish sea and a stone’s throw from the prestigious and well-known golf course, Royal Lytham & St Annes. The hotel offers events ranging from relaxing afternoon tea to glamourous boutique weddings.

The Brief

The hotel’s Coast Brasserie had recently undergone redecoration and Lugo’s expertise were required to complete the final stage of the restaurant’s revival. To refresh and give the restaurant a new lease of life, Lugo commissioned entirely bespoke pieces of loose contract furniture that would withstand the great deal of use that the hotel restaurant receives. The Lugo team provided the Glendower hotel with a space plan of proposed furniture, fabrics and visuals so they could see how their new restaurant would look.

The existing colour scheme consisted of clean, slate grey walls and floors with the furniture being a darker brown colour which needed a new breath of life to accompany their existing colour scheme. Their grey paneled feature wall, as a new addition, was to remain the focal point and inspiration for the pieces Lugo provided.

Glendower Hotel  - Panelled Feature Wall

Overview of Scope

The Lugo team helped to transform the Glendower’s Coast Brasserie restaurant from a less colourful space into a bright, uplifting room suitable for all types of clientele. The restaurant décor needed to echo the hotel’s contemporary, coastal vision. Lugo were required to supply loose contract furniture that would not only meet the brief but also be suitable for the different types of functions the restaurant may hold.

How the Brief was Met

Coast Brasserie’s second phase of revival meant, by working with the client, Lugo removed the previous restaurant furniture and replaced it with light, modern pieces of loose furniture.

Lugo created five bespoke partition screens for this project which can not only be eye catching but also functional. These screens can be used to create temporary spaces or rooms without having the commitment of building a solid wall. As a solid wall would block out light and make a room feel more enclosed, the partition screen does the opposite. The open space could now be transformed into separate areas with the moveable screens which proved perfect for a hotel that hosts many events.

Rather than the darker colour scheme of the previous furniture used, the client wanted something colourful that also combined well with their current wall and floor design. These pieces were created in sand, teal and dove grey to uphold the coastal ambience.

Coast Brasserie was now the modern and stylish restaurant that the Glendower Hotel had envisioned. A perfect location for a classic afternoon tea as well an upscale brasserie for the traditional Sunday lunch.

Installation and Management

Lugo worked closely with the hotel’s manager and the operations team to ensure that the timescale was effectively managed and kept to. The team were conscious of providing minimal disturbance to the hotel’s guests and employees and felt the project ran smoothly and successfully.


From conception through to creation, the clients brief and clientele were taken into consideration.

All the furniture that Lugo supplied for the Glendower Hotel was bespoke and crafted to suit their needs. From the button detailing to the faux leather that upholstered the chairs were ideally suited to the restaurants décor.

As the client wanted to incorporate their existing design and in particular, their grey feature wall, Lugo aimed to match the wood stain on the loose furniture designs as closely as they could to create a symbiosis between the existing and new features.

 Glendower Hotel - Banquette Seating

Uniquely Designed Items

Lugo supplied entirely bespoke restaurant chairs for the Coast Brasserie revival project. These stylish bespoke pieces each had button detail contrasting with the faux leather which the chairs were upholstered in. Included in the restaurant were also free standing banquette seating and partition screens.

The bespoke partition screens had a distinctive design which allowed light to flow through them, but still offered some privacy. They were produced in a grey stain which was custom made for this project and was required to suit the existing décor. The bottom half of the partition screens were upholstered to match the colour scheme and the fabrics used.

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