Manufacturing Furniture

Furniture Manufacturing Techniques

Traditional upholstery techniques date back to the 18th Century. As bespoke hotel furniture manufacturers, Lugo still embraces many such skills, coupled with modern furniture manufacturing techniques, to ensure that our furniture is of high quality and built to last.

As contract furniture manufacturers, we take pride in offering our customers the right hospitality furniture that fits their design requirements.

Testimonial - Manufacturing

Lugo has been our key supplier over the last 15 years, they have always been very reliable and trustworthy. We moved from refurbishing one hotel to seven within weeks and Lugo did not fail to deliver on all scales, from manufacturing quality goods to deliveries on a weekly basis travelling the length and width of the country to meet our demands.

Chris Cheetham, Project Manager, Kew Green

Specialists in Manufacturing Furniture

What furniture manufacturing techniques does our team use? Although our bespoke furniture is both designed and produced in-house using traditional upholstery manufacturing methods, Lugo also offers its clients a particularly extensive choice of frame designs which form the base of a custom piece. These are supplemented in high numbers via strategic supplier relationships which have been forged over many years with high quality and well-respected chair frame-makers in Italy, Portugal, and Spain. Naturally, such raw frames are subject to our own extremely high-quality standards.

All our frame joints are glued, screwed, and dowelled for strength and stability before being polished, upholstered and thereafter despatched by the Lugo team. Being able to offer our clients such an extensive portfolio allows us to address most hospitality design briefs and budgets, so your furniture designs can be made exactly to your specification, on time, every time.

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