The Difference Between Bespoke and Custom Hospitality Furniture

What are the Differences Between Bespoke & Custom Furniture for Hospitality?

Here at Lugo, we offer both custom and bespoke furniture design, but exactly what is bespoke furniture, and what are the differences between this and the custom furniture option? Both services are similar in that they are designed and manufactured according to your specification, but there are some key differences to note between bespoke and custom furniture.

Many people use the terms ‘custom’ and ‘bespoke’ interchangeably, however, the two can be differentiated in a number of ways. While bespoke furniture is designed and manufactured as a completely unique, standalone piece, custom furniture takes a pre-existing design, and alters specific elements based on your style preferences.

What is Custom Furniture?

Custom furniture means that you can tailor any existing design to your requirements. The beauty of custom tailor-made furniture is that you are able to create the perfect piece of furniture to suit your interior, based on an existing design, taking the hard work out of creating ideal furniture for your hospitality environment.

The custom furniture process is as simple as choosing a furniture design you like, and making it your own by changing the wood stain of the timber, mixing upholsteries to two-tone fabrics, or introducing alternative fabrics and finishes. You could consider contrasting piping, adding deep buttoning, studs or show wood, to create an individual piece that suits your hospitality needs and style.


The Benefits of Custom Furniture Design


No Design Costs

Custom furniture design made easy - draw upon our expertise in customising our existing furniture designs to suit your décor specification without any extra cost.


By simply changing the fabric or finishes of our furniture you can customise to align with existing hospitality furniture or a new interior design scheme you have in mind.

Cost Effective

Opting for creating custom furniture ensures you can easily achieve a bespoke look without going over budget.

Quick Turnaround

As custom furniture is based on a pre-existing design, and only requires altering detailing such as buttoning or piping, our turnaround times are kept to a minimum for your convenience.

Custom and Bespoke Contract Furniture

What is Bespoke Furniture Design?

Bespoke furniture are unique pieces of furniture that are designed, developed and manufactured from scratch. Our skilled furniture experts work with you to bring your ideas to life – our customers are at the forefront of the bespoke furniture design process, from the initial concept right the way through to production. If you can envisage it, we’ll help to create it. Bespoke furniture can be tailored to match the existing décor of your hotel or restaurant, through specifically chosen colours and styles.


The Benefits of Bespoke Furniture



Opting for bespoke furniture allows for any design idea to be created, resulting in a truly unique piece for your hospitality establishment.

The Ideal Fit

Bespoke furniture can be tailored to fit any space, unlike custom made furniture which has set measurements, as it is based off an existing design.


No matter what the interior design of your hotel or restaurant, bespoke furniture for hospitality can be manufactured to meet your exact décor requirements. The beauty of tailor-made furniture means you have full flexibility over design.

Unique Design Approach

From concept to creation, throughout the entire bespoke furniture design process our skilled product designers and furniture makers are at your fingertips to offer all the bespoke contract furniture services you need to create the perfect piece.

Are you interested in designing the perfect hospitality furniture for your establishment? Want to discuss the process of creating bespoke furniture, or our custom furniture options? Take a look at our infographic, ‘The 7 Steps of Bespoke Furniture Design'.

Contract Furniture Tailored to Your Requirements

All of our hospitality furniture is manufactured with the utmost precision to provide you with the longevity that you require for each and every piece. Every joint is glued, screwed and dowelled delivering a strong robust frame for your furniture design. Equally, all of the fabric we specify exceeds upholstery regulations for contract furniture with a Martindale rub test of 40,000 + rubs, and all material, both fabrics and foam, are compliant with Crib 5 fabric regulations. In addition to this, every fabric that we use for our bespoke service is Fire Retardant (FR) treated. Not only will your bespoke design look perfect, but it will be built to last and manufactured to British Contract Standards.


Specialists in Designing Hospitality Furniture


As experts in our field as contract furniture makers, you can rest assured that the design and production of your furniture is fit for purpose. Contract furniture is subject to stringent specifications to ensure its safety and endurance. All of our materials, from timber to upholstery, are chosen with this in mind. At Lugo, our skilled furniture manufacturers offer both bespoke and custom furniture design services, creating luxury pieces to seamlessly match the interior design of your hospitality establishment. Contact a member of our customer services team today to discuss your bespoke furniture design ideas or to get a quote.

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