Hotel Desk Chairs

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Desk Chairs for Hospitality

Looking for hotel desk chairs to complement your establishment? Lugo is a leading hospitality furniture manufacturer that offers a wide range of unique desk chairs, available in a variety of designs, sizes, finishes and colours. We can create luxury hotel desk chairs with your business in mind, perfect for matching to your existing décor or giving your establishment an extra burst of life.

What's more, our experts can take your ideas and transform them into bespoke desk chairs for your hospitality environment. To find out more about our hotel desk chairs, get in touch with our team of experts today. We’ll be happy to discuss your options.

Custom Desk Chairs

Discover our range of hotel desk chairs – designed to suit any hotel room, no matter the size. Whether you need furniture pieces for a quirky guest room or a sleek business suite, you’re guaranteed to find a custom desk chair that will complement your aesthetic. From luxury desk chairs to unique desk chairs, our hospitality furniture manufacturers are more than happy to help meet your requirements.

Our hotel desk chairs are customisable to your specification, so we can help you reach your coveted design. From padded seats for comfort, four-star or five-star bases and swivel action for manoeuvrability, your custom desk chair can be created uniquely and to your own specifications. 

At Lugo we understand the need for both style and functionality, which is why our collection of hotel desk chairs is designed with these two aspects in mind. And with our custom desk chairs, you can flawlessly combine practicality with sophistication.

Choose from a wide range of designs, finishes, materials and sizes to make the perfect custom desk chair for you. Whether you’re looking for modern, traditional or unique desk chairs to suit your establishment, we can bring you the perfect piece to match the existing furniture in your hotel.

Get in touch to get a quote for our custom desk chairs.

Bespoke Desk Chairs

Do you imagine something a little more unique? Alongside manufacturing custom desk chairs, we can also design bespoke desk chairs for hotels, restaurants or any other hospitality business. We’ll cater to your vision and tailor-make hotel desk chairs from a simple sketch or idea. From fabrics to height and style, we can produce unique desk chairs that exceed your expectations.

Our service for creating bespoke desk chairs supports you right from idea generation to the full creation process, allowing you to bring your imagination to life. By using the highest quality materials, you can create bespoke hotel desk chairs that are not only functional, but also captivating. Our innovative design team is experienced in manufacturing hotel desk chairs that are of the highest quality.

Find Bespoke and Custom Upholstered Desk Chairs at Lugo

Found the perfect hotel desk chairs for your establishmentRequest a quote today. Our specialist team is happy to discuss any of our bespoke or custom desk chairs, and how we can meet your hotel décor requirements.