Furniture Quality Standards

What Furniture Quality Standards Means to Us

As high-quality hotel furniture specialists, we are a company that depends upon our reputation and relies on repeat business. That’s why ensuring our furniture quality standards are maintained is of paramount importance.

Lugo’s quality standards have been considered with ISO 9001 guidelines in mind.

      • To confirm that the furniture quality standards put in place are achieving results expected and in line with Lugo’s requirements.
      • To highlight any visible inconsistencies and to outline any areas that may need improvement.
      • To assess how productive any proposed changes have been, as well as reviewing the effectiveness of the current management system.
      • To acknowledge any and all complaints received and recommend restorative action if necessary.
      • To analyse information recovered from internal audits to identify potential areas for improvement.
      • To review any reports of items that don’t align with the current policy to identify potential improvements.
      • Annual audits are undertaken internally to ensure that all processes and procedures are still compliant with our quality guidelines.

Testimonial - Quality

I was looking for a company who could supply high end commercial furniture in a range of finishes and fabrics to suit my designs. Lugo provided exactly that and more. From my first contact with the company I realised that they were not just suppliers but would work with me to ensure that my vision was realised. I would highly recommend them to any interior designer.

Andy Bradshaw, Partner, The Boat House Sully

Our Furniture Quality Control Checks are Stringent

Lugo impose stringent furniture quality checks from manufacturing through to delivery ensuring high quality furniture is produced every time. If anything is deemed to fall even slightly short of our high expectations improvements will be identified and implemented with immediate effect.

Should any complaint arise, Lugo’s customer service team will work closely with our clients to resolve issues in a timely manner.

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