Poseur Tables

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Our Custom Poseur Table Service

Through our custom contract furniture services, we’re able to offer customisation on some of our poseur table designs. This allows you to create custom bar tables that fit in with the branding of your hotel or restaurant, as well as remaining consistent with any hotel furniture you might already have.

Choose from a selection of bespoke sizes, finishes and wood stains provided to get a custom poseur table that perfectly meets your requirements.

As part of our custom bar table service, we can also create custom wood stains. If you have hotel furniture that you want to replicate or coordinate with, Lugo can cater to your specific designs. All you have to do is provide our expert furniture makers with an example of the stain.

Create a Poseur or Champagne Table

Customers can see their table designs transformed into an incredible piece of furniture, ready for the hotel environment. We work with our clients through every step, providing advice and assisting them to develop the initial idea, discussing ideas, and sourcing materials, before creating a beautiful bespoke poseur or champagne table.

Our design experts are experienced in working with budgets of all sizes. We’ll work to create a high quality bespoke poseur table that works with the current décor of your hotel, bar or restaurant.

From our manufacturing facilities, we can deliver bulk orders of poseur and hotel bar tables on a tight schedule.

Lugo is committed to manufacturing bespoke and contract furniture from the highest quality materials on time and on budget. Each material is meticulously sourced and examined, and only those that meet our high standards go forward for use in our projects.

Contact us today to find out more information about our bespoke and custom poseur tables on 01543 419 981 and get a quote on your design.