Sustainable Furniture

Eco-Friendly Furniture

At Lugo, we’re passionate about manufacturing eco-friendly furniture that meets your hospitality décor requirements. We understand the importance of being environmentally friendly and consider ourselves to be ecologically conscious and sustainable furniture manufacturers. Not only do we produce eco-friendly furniture for a variety of hospitality establishments, we also use sustainable methods throughout all our in-house operations too.

When creating sustainable furniture for our clients, we strive to ensure the highest quality of construction is maintained in order to prolong the product’s life. This subsequently reduces the environmental impact associated with replacing furniture frequently. From sustainable chairs to coffee tables and headboards, the high-quality materials we use are guaranteed to make your furniture stand the test of time.

Manufacturing Sustainable Furniture

So, what is sustainable furniture? And what makes sustainably sourced furniture different? From raw materials to packaging, find out what makes us leading sustainable furniture manufacturers.

What is Sustainable Furniture?

Our eco-friendly furniture for hospitality is largely constructed from timber – a recyclable and biodegradable resource. The adhesives, stains and polishes that we use minimise harmful emissions, and wherever possible, we endeavour to use water-based products to produce eco-friendly furniture. A high proportion of the upholstery fabrics we work with are constructed using sustainable yarns such as wool, linen and cotton which are biodegradable.

As well-known governing bodies promote environmentally responsible management of the world’s forests, Lugo endeavours in its pre-qualification of our supply chain to produce sustainable furniture made from wood, sourcing the majority of our timber from registered and approved sources. So whether you’re looking for sustainable chairs, dining tables or sofas, choosing pieces from our collection will mean you’re improving your green credentials in the process.

When required, our raw material suppliers are able to provide us with Chain of Custody certification which confirms the authenticity of the forest of origin, and this is a practice we will continue to uphold. Manufacturing sustainably sourced furniture is important to us, and we are proud to be amongst the leading eco-friendly furniture companies creating pieces for a range of hospitality establishments.

Sustainable Furniture and Eco-Friendly Packaging

As part of our aim to supply businesses with sustainably sourced furniture, our packaging consists of strong recyclable cardboard cartons or wool blankets to reduce unnecessary waste. When unpacking furniture on site, cartons are flattened and returned to the factory for reuse.

Our Team to Supply Sustainable Furniture

We are continually educating our employees and suppliers on the negative effects of waste and the benefits of recycling and manufacturing sustainable furniture, to ultimately come together to make a positive impact on the environment.

As a reputable sustainable furniture manufacturer, Lugo strives to quickly identify risks to the environment and implement the most effective solutions to address them. Both our office and design teams are aware of their environmental impact to ensure they are mindful in taking steps to reduce waste.

Producing Eco-Friendly Furniture

Our aim is to produce outstanding environmentally friendly furniture for hospitality that will be in use for many years to come.

As well as manufacturing high-quality eco-friendly furniture, we also strive to continually improve our environmental performance and minimise the impact of our activities by periodically reviewing our corporate environmental policy, considering both our current and planned activities.

Across all departments, not just in the production of our sustainable hotel furniture, we believe we can make a significant impact in safeguarding our environment.

Want to find out more about sustainably sourced furniture from one of the UK’s most reputable eco-friendly furniture companies? Contact our team of experts today.