Sofa Beds

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Hotel Sofa Beds

Our hotel sofa beds range boasts not only practicality, but also sophistication and modernity. At Lugo, we understand that you may want to maximise capacity and profitability without compromising on quality or style. No matter your style, whether it’s refined, elegant or simplistic, we can help you choose a hotel sofa bed design that will complement any establishment.

Custom Sofa Beds

Our custom sofa beds service can help you alter the finer details in order to create a sofa bed that meets your own desires. By changing finishes and fabrics, our sofa beds for hotels can be created to become a stylish and practical component of any hotel room.

Use our custom sofa beds to intricately match the existing décor of your current bedrooms, or design your piece to stand out from the crowd – with a wide range of finishes, fabrics and colours to choose from, find your hotel sofa bed fit to your exact requirements.

Bespoke Sofa Beds

Alternatively, if you have a specific design in mind, Lugo can support you in the process of creating a bespoke sofa bed. Provide us with an idea or a detailed sketch and we can work together to provide you with a high-quality, distinctive hotel sofa bed.

From size to colour, fabric to finish, we can alter the specifications so your initial ideas progress into a functional product that you can be proud of. Your bespoke sofa bed design will be catered to your specific needs and budget whilst our experts will be on hand through each step to guide you.

If you’ve found the perfect contract or custom sofa bed request a quote. Contact a member of our customer services team on 01543 419 981. Browse through our range of upholstered headboards to complete your bedroom hotel furniture today.