About Us

Lugo is a proud British designer, manufacturer, and importer of beautifully crafted contract furniture. From hotels and restaurants to cruise ship operators, Lugo provides stunning pieces of contract hospitality furniture to leading hospitality businesses around the world. Our company is laced together with people who are experts in their field. From the founder and Group Managing Director, Lee Marvin, who has almost 30 years’ worth of industry knowledge, to our innovative and experienced design team, and our manufacturing team of gifted craftsmen whose priority is to produce furniture of the highest quality.

Our Mission Statement

For our clients to instinctively turn to us for creative solutions to challenging briefs, safe in the knowledge that we are ready to help with products and standards they can trust.

Our Values within your Contract Furniture

At Lugo, our brand values are aspects of our company that we embody and respect. We pride ourselves on our commitment to produce environmentally friendly sustainable furniture. Integrity is important to us because it allows us to be transparent to our customers when we produce their contract furniture. We value trust and honesty not only between our colleagues, but between our clients too. We are committed to adapting ourselves and our products to client’s needs. We understand the need to be flexible and tailor our hospitality furniture services to those who need it.

In the hospitality industry, the volume of footfall and visitor influx can be considerable, which is why it’s essential for hospitality furniture to be manufactured to the highest contract furniture standards. The quality of our furniture will never be compromised for cost or aesthetics, and we will always strive to work to our highest ability to produce something that we can not only be proud of, but what customers can be proud to own.

With knowledge that spans across many different disciplines, we are the go-to contract furniture manufacturing experts. Our wealth of knowledge and proficiency can be called upon in order to design and create the finest finished product for the client.

Looking to find out more about Lugo? Contact us today to speak to a member of our helpful team.