Banquette Seating

At Lugo, we can offer you a range of banquette seating furniture. Whether you require hotel restaurant banquette seating, or seating for your bars or conference centres, we can provide you with options to suit your design specifications.

Custom Banquette Seating

Discover custom made banquette seating, designed to fulfil your individual needs. From finishes and fabrics to materials and textures, you can create a unique space with our custom banquette seating service. Our custom-made banquette seating allows you to customise specific design details and create a seating option you will be happy with.

Bespoke Banquette Seating

Lugo can not only make custom banquette seating, but also create a truly bespoke banquette seating design, perfect for your environment. With your specific design in mind, we can work together to produce a high-quality banquette seating option that will be exclusive to your hotel bar or restaurant. Using our in-house expert designers and furniture makers, we can craft a simple sketch into a beautiful banquette seating solution, and be on hand to help you every step of the way.

Found the perfect banquette seating for you? Contact us today to find out more about our custom and bespoke banquette seating.

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