Bar, Restaurant and Hotel Console Tables

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Are you looking for custom or bespoke hotel console tables for your hospitality establishment? From round console tables to square console tables, find luxury pieces to suit your hotel, bar or restaurant in our collection today.

Hotel Console Tables

At Lugo, we create stunning hotel console tables, designed to withstand the daily rigours of a busy hospitality environment. Lugo’s expert furniture makers at our specialist production facility are committed to delivering hotel console tables finished to the highest standard, on time and on budget.

We offer an eclectic range of hotel console tables, making it easy to find a table to suit the branding, interior design or current furniture of your hotel, bar or restaurant environment. Whether you’re looking for a glass top console table to suit a contemporary interior or a small dark wood console table for a more traditional setting, we can help bring your design preferences to life.

As a supplier of luxury hospitality furniture, we are proud to produce high-quality custom and bespoke console tables for some of the largest hotel groups in the UK.

Custom Console Tables

With our in-house manufacturing facility, we’re able to design custom console tables tailored to your preferences. The process of creating custom-made console tables enables our customers to take certain elements of our designs and tailor them to their own specifications.

Our experts can change the stains and finishes of your custom console table to ensure the table complements the interior design of your hotel. Custom console tables can also be produced in any size, so you can choose small console tables that offer a touch of elegance, as well as larger pieces to suit any interior design scheme you may have. Whether you’re looking for those smaller, more modern console tables, or if it’s a bigger, timeless design you need to suit your hotel décor, we can help.

Looking for a square console table to suit the design of your restaurant? Or perhaps you need a round console table to complement your hotel lobby? With our custom console tables, it’s never been easier to find the right piece of furniture to match your décor.

Bespoke Console Tables

Alongside our custom console tables, we can also help transform your design drawings into a sophisticated piece of furniture with our bespoke console tables. We’ll take the design of your bespoke console table, regardless of how simple or elaborate it is, and work with you to create an original piece representative of your initial idea.

What is the Process of Creating Bespoke Console Tables?

During the process of creating bespoke console tables, you’ll work with our team of technical furniture designers and expert manufacturers to develop ideas. Select the materials and hone the specification until you’re left with beautiful bespoke console tables for your hotel.

Throughout the entire process, we are guided by our commitment to creating contract quality loose furniture that exceeds your expectations. As furniture manufacturers, we take a painstaking approach to finding the finest materials to use in all pieces of our loose furniture.

Only those materials that meet Lugo’s high standards go forward for use in our projects. We hold an on-going commitment to using timber, cultivated from sustainable sources throughout the process of manufacturing bespoke console tables.

Find Hotel Console Tables at Lugo Today

Contact us today to find out more information about how we can design bespoke console tables. Would you like to enquire further about your own design? We’re happy to discuss custom console tables.