Hotel Lounge Chairs

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Are you looking for luxury hotel lounge chairs for your establishment? From traditionally stylish lounge chairs to more modern hotel lounge furniture, you’re guaranteed to find hospitality seating to perfectly match your current interior design scheme in our collection.

Hotel Lounge Chairs for Your Hotel, Bar or Restaurant

Our collection of hotel lounge chairs accommodates for a wide spectrum of budgets and business sizes. We offer a range of luxury lounge chairs – from cream lounge chairs to high back lounge chairs as well as modern lounge chairs with additional detailing, such as piping and studding. Lugo provides hospitality seating options to complement any style or décor. For a quote on any of our custom or bespoke lounge chairs, get in touch today.

Custom Lounge Chairs for Your Hotel

Have you spotted the perfect hotel lounge chairs for your existing interior, but need to tweak a few design elements? Whether you’re looking for modern lounge chairs or more traditional options, Lugo have a range of hotel lounge furniture that is designed to meet your specific requirements. Available in various colours and sizes to meet your specific requirements.

We manufacture small custom lounge chairs for a cosier environment, as well as larger custom lounge chairs for an added level of sophistication. Looking for a specific design? We’re experts in creating custom lounge chairs for hotels, so you can trust us to deliver exposed wood finishes in a range of stains, including custom stains to match existing hotel furniture. What’s more, our custom lounge chairs are manufactured using the highest quality materials, so you can rest assured that your pieces are guaranteed to stand the test of time.

At Lugo, our hotel lounge chairs are a part of our sophisticated wider range of restaurant and bar seating. You can customise a variety of elements on any of our pieces of hotel lounge furniture, including hotel lounge chairs. We can either upholster hotel lounge chairs in a pre-specified fabric, or provide assistance in choosing a suitable fabric for your individual hotel design scheme.

Bespoke Hotel Lounge Chairs for Your Hotel

Would you prefer to design hotel lounge chairs entirely from scratch? If so, we can bring your design concepts to life by manufacturing luxury bespoke lounge chairs. This service allows you to create unique hotel lounge chairs – from initial sketch to the final piece. We will team you up with our experienced furniture makers to take your hotel lounge chair designs and create unique pieces, truly representative of the original idea. We provide assistance at every step, ensuring you're left with bespoke lounge chairs that make a stylish addition to any hospitality interior.

Find Contract Lounge Chairs at Lugo

Have you seen one of our hotel lounge chairs that would be perfect for your hotel? Do you need more advice on choosing hotel lounge furniture or contract lounge chairs? Contact us to discuss our custom and bespoke lounge chairs.