Coffee Tables

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Hotel Coffee Tables

We offer a wide selection of contract hotel coffee table designs. They’re available in a variety of different styles and stains, ranging from boutique coffee tables, to more traditionally finished pieces. Choose from round coffee tables, square coffee tables, circle coffee tables and more to perfectly suit your hotel brand.

All of our hotel coffee tables can be made to a variety of sizes and heights. Our range has something to suit any interior design aesthetic or budget, whether you’re looking for glass coffee tables, wooden coffee tables, Verona coffee tables or a range of other designs.

Bespoke Coffee Tables

Create your own unique coffee table to fit in with your existing hotel décor with our bespoke design option. Through our service, you can tailor the design to suit your requirements; you can accommodate to your hotel branding guidelines and co-ordinate with the other pieces of hotel furniture you already have.

When constructing any custom coffee table, we go to exhaustive lengths to source the highest quality materials. Each one is rigorously assessed by Lugo’s furniture experts, and only those that meet our exacting standards are used.

For any more information regarding hotel coffee tables or hotel furniture, request a quote or contact us on 01543 419981 today.