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Product Highlight: Hotel Booth Seating

Hotel booth seating offers a practical solution to unusual niches, while also adding character and quirkiness to your establishment. It can help to maximise capacity and, depending on the upholstery you choose, can be more comfortable than sitting on an individual chair. But how can you incorporate this type of seating into your hotel, bar or restaurant? And which booth seating design should you choose? Find out more in our blog below.

Which Hotel Booth Seating Design Should You Choose?

When it comes to hotel booth seating design, it’s important to choose a style that combines your brand aesthetics with the durability needed to withstand the busy rigour of hospitality environments. Booth and banquette seating is often expansive in size, making it vulnerable to everyday food and drink spillages. With this in mind, it’s probably wise to opt for an upholstery that can be easily cleaned, such as faux leather or a microfiber synthetic fabric. You might also consider choosing a patterned design with good stain-hiding properties.

But what about the style of your booth seating? It’s important to choose design elements that suit your existing interior design, and there are a number of detailing options you can choose from to achieve this:

Plain Back

Is your restaurant interior more minimalist in style? If so, choosing a plain back as part of your restaurant booth seating design will provide clean lines, and is often the most cost-effective option. But plain doesn’t necessarily have to mean simple. Choosing custom restaurant booth seating will allow you to enliven your piece with a patterned or split fabric upholstery, making a statement in any hospitality setting.

Hotel booth seating with a plain back

Button Back

When it comes to hotel booth seating, buttons are one of the most versatile detailing options available to you. Deep buttons, float buttons, square stitched buttons – whatever your design preferences, a button back is a simple and effective way of adding texture to your booth seating, giving it the touch of opulence and sophistication you need.

Restaurant booth seating with a button back

Fluted Back

Choosing a fluted back for your hotel booth seating can add instant depth and elegance, providing your guests with a feeling of indulgence. Whether you choose narrower fluting for corner booth seating, or more substantial fluting for larger banquette seating, this stylish design option is guaranteed to bring your hotel bar or restaurant to life.

Corner booth seating with a fluted back

Roll Back

Roll back detailing is as flexible as it is fashionable, making it one of the easiest options to align to your existing interior. With custom restaurant booth seating, you can decide how many rolls should be included in your piece, with a choice of velvet, leather or fabric finishes. If you’re looking for modern booth seating to suit a contemporary setting, booth seating with a roll back may be the best option for you.

Booth seating with a roll back

Installing Hotel Booth Seating

Well-designed hotel booth seating can transform a room, but it’s only as good as the quality of the fitting when it’s installed. A thorough pre-installation survey should be carried out, taking into account skirting profiles, dado heights, door widths and floor evenness. Lugo has a reputation for its fine quality seating installations, and the speed and efficiency of its installation teams. This is why we continue to work with many leading hoteliers across both the UK and in Europe.

Hotel Booth Seating from Lugo

Do you want to find out more about booth seating options for your hotel, bar or restaurant? Get in touch with our experts today for a quote. Alternatively, browse some examples of banquette seating for inspiration.


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