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Top Tips for Choosing Bar Stools

When you think of bar stools what do you think? A place to perch while you wait to be seated for a meal? Somewhere you sit when the comfy chairs have been taken? You wouldn’t be alone. Bar stools have a reputation of being uncomfortable.

In actual fact a bar stool can and should be a comfortable, stylish addition to your bar or restaurant aesthetic. When used well bar stools add depth and create an interesting, dynamic space.

With a plethora of bar stool styles to choose from making the right choice for your requirements could be a little daunting.

Read our guide on what to consider when choosing bar stools for your hotel, bar or restaurant.

Are You Sitting Comfortably? How to Choose Bar Stools

Arguably the most important consideration when choosing any kind of contract seating is comfort. After all, no one wants an uncomfortable customer.

Can a bar stool really be comfortable though? Of course it can!

Who’s Next Please? Positioning Your Bar Stools

Firstly, the question you need to ask is where the bar stools will be and what they will be used for. Will they be placed at a bar that is designed for short periods of sitting when customers are waiting to be seated for a meal?

Or perhaps at a cocktail bar that encourages sitting for longer periods while enjoying a few drinks and watching the mixologist create the latest blends? They could even be accompanied by a tall dining table where customers could sit and enjoy a bar snack.

Consider how long you wish the customer to remain in designated areas. For example, if you placed bar stools in a waiting area, ideally you would not want to encourage customers to settle in for the evening, but only perch for a short while.

The Bohemia bar stool is the perfect mix of style and comfort with its characteristic ski legs, slightly padded seat and a low backrest your guests can perch with a drink before moving to your dining area.

The quirky Tecla bar stool has lovely design features such as its diagonal cross-section and conical legs giving it an individual style and is at home in any contemporary setting.

Lugo white and green bar stools with wooden legs

Just One More Drink…Choosing Bar Stools that are Comfortable and Encourage Your Customers to Socialise

For seating at a bar or poseur table, you will want to encourage your clients to see these zones as areas for them to socialise and enjoy a few drinks.

Customers will be sitting for a couple of hours with friends and colleagues, therefore, their comfort is paramount. Here, bar stools would preferably have a deep padded seat cushion and backrest. And if you have the space? Armrests as a welcome addition to create the feeling of relaxation. 

The popular Timberly bar stool boasts a chic, understated design. The deep seat cushion and angled upholstered backrest provide a comfortable seat for your guests to sit back and relax.

The Nerina envelops your guest with comfort. The high-quality foam padding all around makes this piece beautifully comfortable allowing your guest to sink back and relax. 

Take a Seat

Bar stools are versatile additions to many areas of your hotel, not exclusively to bars. A dining area with different levels creates a vibrant setting. Bar stools could be featured in a reception area as a place for guests to rest while checking in. Or, traditionally, they are at home along the bar and around poseur tables. Wherever a bar stool is featured it needs to be functional.

Ultimately, when you’re choosing bar stools for your establishment, here are some key questions to consider to ensure that you get the most out of your furniture:

  • Where will the bar stools be situated?
  • How many covers do you want to fit in a given area?
  • Will they sit under a table?

    It’s a Tall Order…How High Should Bar Stools Be?

    Once you have decided what function your bar stools will have then you can start to look at the specifics, beginning with the height of the bar top or table that the bar stool will be coupled with.

    It is advised that there should be 30cm of space between the seat height and table top for the guest to sit comfortably. This is of the utmost importance to check if you are purchasing bar stools to complement existing tables, in particular for dining tables.

    Spread Out and Relax…Give Your Bar Stools Some Space

    When considering the design of your bar stools you will need to know how many can fit into the desired space. Your guests should have plenty of room to manoeuvre without feeling cramped. Whether or not you choose to have arms can be a factor as arms can add considerably to the width of a bar stool as can a revolving chair.




    Space required

    750 - 900 mm

    400 – 460 mm

    540 – 560 mm

    750 - 900 mm

    480 – 560 mm

    610 – 640 mm


    Grey upholstered bar stool with backrests

    By entering into a leasing agreement rather than utilising loans or overdraft facilities these other lines of credit are protected and remain available should you need them for unforeseeable expenses.

    The Mirna is a perfectly formed, compact yet stylish bar stool. The multiple crossbars ensure that despite its compact frame the Mirna is a sturdy stool. The sit-in seat cushion is padded and luxurious providing a comfortable seat in any setting. 

    The Ciro has a retro feel with a modern twist. The oversized padded seat with arms offers all the comfort of a lounge chair in a bar stool. The rounded spiked legs are complemented with metal inserts adding to the intriguing style of this modern seat.

    Attention to Detail…Choosing Upholstery Fabric for Bar Stools

    When contemplating upholstery, it’s important to choose a fabric that will be easily maintained and stay looking at its best:

    • Leather or Faux Leather – Wipe clean, stains less than fabric
    • Fabric – Patterned fabrics and dark colours will disguise stains more than plain or lighter colours and maintain their look over time

    Although practicality is imperative you don’t have to compromise on style. With a choice of decorative finishes including stitching, studding, buttoning and piping, you can truly make a piece unique to your decor.

    Keeping furniture looking new in a busy contract environment is a tall order. Small practical finishes can not only alleviate daily wear and tear but also serve as a stylish design feature, such as metal kick plates or brass slipper cups.

    The elegance of the Euforia bar stool is created by the curvaceous design, tapered conical legs and the circular metal kick back. Detailed with deep buttoning to emphasise the delicate style. The practical wipe clean white leather adds to the femininity of the stool.

    The Colorado is bursting with design features such as the oval cut out to the backrest and rounded front seat pad. This piece is ideal for split fabrics to the side panels and bright contrasting piping to finish the look beautifully.

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