Lugo will deliver no matter what the weather!

Lugo Will Deliver No Matter the Weather!

Combating the Elements to Deliver to You

Here at Lugo, we pride ourselves on delivering not only high-quality contract furniture for the hospitality environment but the highest level of customer service. That is why we are committed to ensuring you received your goods, whatever the weather.

As unpredictable as the British weather may be, we are capable of delivering to you in the toughest of conditions. Recent weather saw nearly a foot of snowfall in the Midlands, home to our factory and headquarters. Our location, albeit close to major transport routes, is in an area with many narrow lanes. This is why we have a number of measures in place for all eventualities.

Hospitality Furniture Delivery - Loading in the Snow

Loading in the Snow

While conditions may be poor on the road, it’s likely to be the same around our factory. With careful planning, our team can ensure loading in poor conditions doesn’t damage your goods. Icy and snowy conditions may restrict the delivery vehicle getting close to the factory doors which requires the team to plan an alternate solution.

Care and accuracy is taken by our experienced operatives to reduce risk to not only employees but to your contract goods. We take additional precautions and use extra packaging to protect your contract furniture against not only knocks during loading, transit and unloading but damp and cold weather conditions.

When deep snow and icy conditions arrive, it’s safer for our operatives to use multiple forklift trucks and shuttle runs. Transporting pallets of furniture to the delivery wagon parked off site is one of the methods we use to combat what the weather throws at us.

Our Experienced Drivers

With training and certifications, our drivers are equipped to tackle the tricky conditions on the roads. Our delivery drivers are proficient in long distance driving for our more distant clients who may worry more about scheduled deliveries and meeting deadlines during spells of poor weather.

As experienced drivers know, delays and accidents are likely to happen so by planning alternate routes they can avoid disruptions and reduce delivery times.

Hospitality Furniture Delivery - Vehicle Preparations
Vehicle Preparations

Whether your contract furniture order consists of chairs for guest bedrooms or an entire restaurant and bar redesign, Lugo transports your goods in suitable vehicles, whilst being mindful of utilising space. Our regularly maintained and serviced vehicles are equipped with features to make deliveries smooth. With the appropriate safety features inside, you can rest assured knowing your important cargo is secure during transit.

Lugo - Friendly Customer Service Team

Friendly Customer Service Team

At Lugo, our customer service team are dedicated to providing you with a service of the highest standards. During these unruly conditions, we are sure to inform clients of any potential delays and keep them up to date with progress. It’s important to us that clients are involved every step of the process, even during delivery.

A warm, friendly member of our team is always at the end of an email or phone call no matter the icy temperatures outside. From general enquires to specific product knowledge, they are happy to help.

Browse our range of contract furniture or contact us today to see how we can help.

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