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Trends in Hotel Colours: Psychology Of Hotel Colours

In 2017, the hotel industry began to see some beautiful colour combinations and truly stunning hotel interiors emerging. But what exactly do these hotel colours and trends mean in terms of psychology? The theory is that colour is a powerful tool in tapping into the human brain and creating certain feelings and stimulating emotions.

It’s important that your décor is not only on trend but also that the colour scheme is creating the ambience that you require. So, what colour schemes for hotels are the best to achieve the décor of your establishment?

Content and Calm - Blue and Green

A gorgeous combination of two very positive colours. Green is the most calming colour to the human eye, promoting feelings of relaxation, tranquility and harmony. Blue is representative of trust and honesty again promoting relaxation and calmness and is even said to reduce stress.

A perfect choice for spas where your clients desire is to relax and forget the bind of everyday life. Equally, this is the craving of some clientele when staying in your hotel so the scheme would work equally well in a bedroom creating a safe tranquil atmosphere in which they can escape.

Bright and Relaxing - Yellow and Blue

Another stunning combination of colours that exude positivity. Yellow is the colour of sunshine, joy and happiness, coupled with the calm, relaxing influence of blue, a delightful recipe for a serene, cheerful setting. A wonderful scheme to choose for a relaxed bar area where your clients are enjoying a daytime meal and drinks.

Pale and Interesting – Neutrals Never go Out of Fashion

Beige and grey tones make frequent appearances in modern colour palettes, with little wonder why. Beautiful tranquil colours that don’t date can be easily livened up with bold patterns on floors or furnishings if desired.

Grey is considered to be a solid and dependable colour creating a sense of calm and composure, a welcome relief from the hectic world that we live in. Often seen in spas and hotels promoting a tranquil break, these colours have a steadying effect on other colours, so can often be seen paired with bolder colours without them taking over the overall ambience.

In the pink – Rose Quartz

The beautiful pink hues of rose quartz have brought this feminine colour up to date. Inspiring warm and comforting feelings, rose quartz is a sure hit this year. Traditionally pink calms, reassures, and promotes compassion, warmth and hope.

Pink is one of the hotel colours, studies have proven, that has a calming effect on the nerves. Who wouldn’t want to relax in such a delightfully positive atmosphere?

Strong and Striking – Black and Gold

While we are seeing a lot of trends in colour schemes for hotels favouring the tranquillity of pale and calmness, there is still a big place for black and gold. This rich sumptuous combination is perfect for creating an opulent feel to any interior.

Black is associated with power, elegance and prestige coupled with gold creates a compelling combination. Gold, a close cousin of yellow shares the positive connotations and brings the association with the precious metal, conjuring feelings of glamour, prosperity and wealth. If you’re looking for hotel colours that will add an air of richness when paired with black warming colour, consider gold when you’re designing your hotel room.

Clean and Serene - Green and White

Green, the bright and vibrant pantone colour of 2017. It was a key colour in 2017, but we’re still seeing a lot of natural greens, such as olive. Symbolic of growth, harmony and freshness green works perfectly with the growing trend of blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces. Green has a strong emotional connection with safety and calmness.

White is considered to be the colour of perfection and has strong associations with purity and cleanliness. But white isn’t just white, there are an array of beautiful white tones to choose from to make the personality of your chosen green pop.

Next to a strong bright green the stunning contrast creates a striking clean look. With a natural earthy green, although the contrast is less obvious the combination is just as attractive producing a pure, relaxing environment.

Radiant and Rich – Reds and Oranges

If a rich, warm scheme is the aim reds and oranges are an impeccable choice. Red is a very intense colour, both in terms of its appearance and its psychology. Red enhances the human metabolism, can increase the respiration rate and enhances the appetite.

Traditionally the colour of passion and love, red is also symbolic of energy, strength power and determination. Orange combines the energy of red and the happiness of yellow creating a wonderful positive colour. Orange has been shown to increase the oxygen supply to the brain and stimulate mental activity. A fantastic strong colour combination, and with its stimulating influence definitely one for public or restaurant areas rather than bedrooms.

Decorating or designing your hotel? Contact our team to discuss your options, we’ll happy to help you find the right hotel room colour to complement your décor.

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