You only get one opportunity to make that all-important first impression. And in the typical hotel environment this opinion is typically formed in the reception or lobby area. As they wait at the reception desk to check in, guests thoroughly inspect the surroundings – from the décor and lighting to the floor and furnishings.

    By the time they reach the desk, their opinion is fully-formed, so it’s important to make sure, through the environment and atmosphere you’ve created, it’s memorable for all the right reasons.


    The hotel reception area has changed considerably over the past decade or so. It’s now a multifunctional space, which in some ways replicates the home’s lounge.

    Now guests can quite easily sit and mingle with other guests, conduct quiet business meetings or pass the time getting lost in a book.





    With this in mind, there should be plenty of comfortable seating options, such as sofas and armchairs in particular. Finishes that are clean, crisp and co-ordinate with the décor are also necessity – you don’t want to create the kinds of unnecessary clashes that linger in the memory.


    Due to space planning constraints – as we all general practicality – it’s unlikely that you’re going to have all of your pieces of furniture with the fronts greeting the guests. Therefore, take the time to get a look at it from behind or from the side to ensure that it projects its very best from all angles.

    The hotel lobby is a space where a lot of people convene. So, as a result the furniture is going to be used frequently. Therefore your hotel furniture upholstery has to be of an extremely high standard. Choose fabrics that are durable enough to resist general wear and tear, and won’t stain – there’s no worse way to make a bad impression that with a badly stained or ripped sofa. Similarly the frames should be built from sturdy materials, capable of withstanding the bumps and scrapes that occur in a busy hospitality environment.


    Many of us are guilt of purchasing without having the future in mind. And in the hotel reception, the future is an important factor to consider.

    In order to keep the lobby looking at its very best, the furniture needs to be easy to clean. If you opt for bar stools (which have become quite common in the modern era), it’s sensible to choose one that features a spring back device. This way you can keep all unoccupied chairs at the same level – a cleanly consistency.

    If you know that you’re going to have move chairs on a regularly basis, those with a timber top rail might be more beneficial. Therefore rather than having to grab the upholstery, and potentially risk expensive damage, you can grab the timber top rail instead when lifting or moving.


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    Keeping your hotel up to date with the latest furniture trends isn’t compulsory, but it can certainly help keep your interiors looking fresh and modern.

    Hotel Furniture Trends

    There are three décor and furniture design trends that have really set their mark this year and are certain to continue into the next.


    Contemporary Luxury and Comfort - New Takes on pure classics. Curvy contours and mixes of old and new feature heavily in the furniture designs. These elegant finishes and subtle colours are accented with glamorous bronze and gold hardware or fittings to create a sense of opulence.


    Modern Secret Garden – This trend is all about bringing those beautiful floral colours from summer gardens into your décor. Combine these with neutral colours and rustic appearances for the modern take on romantic gardens. Unsurprisingly, natural wood furniture, whether modern and sleek or rustic and vintage, plays a major role.


    Nordic Inspiration – A rustic style that features a mix of wood, leather, luxurious marble, stone and metal, this trend’s furniture incorporates plaited weaves and distressed linen to stunning effect. In keeping with the natural feel, these materials are complemented by browns, greys and greens to replicate a beautiful Nordic landscape.


    You don’t necessarily have to adhere exactly to these furniture trends, but even by just selecting certain elements you can create a hotel environment that wows and excites your guests.

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    The layout of your hotel interior can impact greatly on the running of your business. If you’ve carried out a good level of space planning and chosen your hotel furniture effectively based on this, you can create a practical environment that leaves a fantastic impression on customers. If it’s poorly laid out, both customers and staff will find their experiences very different.


    We’ve put together a few top tips for choosing the right hotel furniture, with space consideration in mind, to assist in providing a harmonious experience for your guests.


    • Balance your hotel entrance between the perfect inviting ambiance and using the space available for your finishing touches, but without wasting valuable room. Ensuring your customers feel comfortable and not cramped is essential. It is therefore important you not only choose the right style of furniture to represent your hotel at the entrance but also carefully consider the size of each item in relation to the space available.
    • Try sitting in every seat of your hotel lobby, restaurant or bar. This will help you identify any bad positions for tables in the room which might be exposed to drafts, offer poor views or suffer as a result of busy foot traffic from staff and other guests.
    Hotel Reception Lobby Furniture
    •  Choose restaurant tables you can place together for larger parties or separate for couples on a romantic dinner date. This creates maximum functionality allowing you to account for any last-minute changes without too much fuss. You can make the most of the available space in any situation.
    • Ensure you have a suitable footprint and walk-way for both your customers and the weaving waiting staff in your hotel’s bar or restaurant. A clear path with plenty of room can help avoid any accidents. Similarly, overcrowding can also be avoided by choosing the right sized restaurant chairs in relation to the available space. If you are limited on space, you may want to stay away from armchairs as they will often require slightly more space between each of them to avoid diners being too cramped.
    • If you want to create more of a fine dining experience, extend the distance between each dining set to enhance the diners’ sense of privacy. In addition to this, if the space is available, we would advise specifying furniture with a slightly larger footprint in order to enhance comfort and to also avoid the aesthetic appearing sparse.
    Hotel Restaurant
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    Welcome To The Punch Title

    Lugo are delighted to announce that their fine quality hotel furniture will feature in the new British blockbuster “Welcome To The Punch”. The new crime-action thriller set in London is written and directed by Eran Creevy working alongside Executive producer Ridley Scott.

    Some eighteen months before the release, we were invited by the production team to become involved in the set design for one of the pivotal scenes of the film.

    The Lugo team worked very closely with acclaimed set director, Crispian Sallis (son of British actor Peter Sallis), head of Red Diesel productions, and a previous winner of an Emmy for his work on Ridley Scott’s epic film “Gladiator”.

    Eran Creevy Backstage with James McAvoy and Mark Strong


    We were briefed in great detail to produce a complete five star hotel bedroom set at Three Mills Studios in East London, where the scene was filmed. This included designing and producing all the furniture within the scene as well as the soft furnishings. As this luxurious bedroom set was to be showered with bullets during the scene, our technical design team had to pay careful attention to every detail of the furniture to ensure that it performed for the cameras. The glass used on table tops, wardrobe handles and mirrors was specially constructed so that it shattered exactly as the Director had instructed. Similarly the chair, sofa and bed cushions were filled with fine feathers to enable them to explode for the camera upon impact.

    Three exact sets of each piece of furniture had to be manufactured by Lugo for the five star bedroom suite in order to allow Crispian Sallis and his team a couple of ‘takes’ to achieve the perfect final scene from different camera angles.

    James McAvoy in Welcome To The Punch

    Welcome To the Punch – released in cinemas across the UK March 15th.

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    Flemings of Mayfair

    Flemmings of Mayfair Hotel Furniture

    Having worked with a number of prestigious clients over the years we were thrilled to be recommended to the owners of Flemings Hotel, Half Moon Street, Mayfair.

    We are currently undergoing a three month project to rejuvenate a number of very individual five star apartments with stylish bespoke furniture designs from the Lugo design team.

    We look forward to posting a full case study on the website soon.

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    Hilton Hotel

    We value our ongoing business with Hilton very highly, and as a nominated supplier to Hilton Hotels we have now supplied furniture to some 1200 x Hilton bedrooms in total.

    Our sales and design teams ensure that Hilton General Managers are given the very highest levels of customer service and assistance to enable them to specify our furniture with ease safe in the knowledge that they can rely on us to deliver on time, every time.

    We have experience with most Hilton brands in the UK; Double Tree, Hampton, Garden Inn, and Waldorf and have supplied Hilton hotels both in the UK and in Europe.  

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    Harrods Tree House Furniture
    Harrods Tree House Furniture
    Harrods Tree House Furniture

    As a client that demands the very highest quality standards from their supply chain, Lugo is proud to have been involved in a number of projects for Harrods department store in Knightsbridge.

    Most notably was a contemporary scheme for the “Tree House” family restaurant adjacent to Harrods’s famous toy department where Lugo furniture was specified by Millington Associates.

    We installed brightly coloured tables and modern dining chairs for an 80 cover restaurant and a number of bespoke picnic-style benches with canvas canopies which completed the outdoor/indoor design aesthetic.

    Our installation teams worked through the night to get all the furniture up to the fifth floor, assembled and ready for shoppers to use the following morning.

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    Crowne Plaza Liverpool Airport Furniture

    Crowne Plaza Liverpool Airport Furniture

    Lugo Furniture has worked with IHG franchisee Kew Green Hotels for almost 10 years and we continue to enjoy working with them as a longstanding loyal client.

    Indeed over the years we have supplied to all hotels across their UK estate.

    We were recently commissioned to supply loose furniture to a newly refurbished lounge, bar and restaurant at the Crowne Plaza which had been completely refurbished by Chrysalis Hotel Contracts.

    This particular hotel is an Art-Deco building and the team at Lugo had to work closely with the design team at Chrysalis to specify a number of chairs and fabrics that reflected that Art-Deco aesthetic.

    Having completed the Liverpool project, we worked with Kew Green and interior designers Parker Liddell on a similar brief for Richmond House Hotel, Richmond.  

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